Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on African American Recruitment and Retention

This committee is commissioned by the Chancellor to advise on ways to enhance educational opportunities for African-American students and to assist the campus in recruitment, retention and improvement of campus life for such students.

All Missouri S&T staff, faculty and students are welcome to attend and join.


Mentoring Opportunity

If you are a CACAARR member and are interested in mentoring a member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), please click here to learn more and register. For more information, Contact Student Diversity Initiatives at or 573-341-7286. 


All meetings and events will be held virtually until further notice. Please contact us at for more information.



2022 Committee and Subcommittee Member Roster


Mission of this Subcommittee

The fundraising subcommittee is commissioned by and responsible to the committee for planning, execution and evaluation of the fund raising campaign. The income will be used to provide financial support to the campus to promote the recruitment and retention of African- American students.

 Key Responsibilities

  1. Plan and conduct an annual giving and endowment campaign and report to the committee the results, including identification of sources, strategies, priorities, key relationships and specific time-phased courses of action.
  2. Evaluate the preceding year’s fund raising campaign in terms of cost and effectiveness.
  3. Identify volunteers to work personally with fund raising efforts to increase support and involvement of African-American alumni who may feel disenfranchised.

Chair:  Lawanda Jones

Subcommittee Members: Kevin Thompson

Active Initiative: Fund Raising

Mission of this Subcommittee

The Legislative Relations/Public Relations Subcommittee is commissioned by and responsible to the CAC AARR for planning and execution of matters relating to communications with public officials about the programs and needs of Missouri S&T and for matters pertaining to public relations and publicity to enhance the internal and external image of the university through the coordination of all related matters.

 Key Responsibilities

  1. Study, inform committee membership, and generate grass-roots support for - or opposition to - specific legislation affecting higher education in general, and S&T specifically.
  2. Facilitate the involvement of more African-American alumni in the annual University Alliance legislative day activities coordinated by the Public Resource Ambassadors of the University of Missouri.
  3. Oversee the efforts of the alumni and friends, specifically those of African-American heritage, who communicate with legislators from their own districts about issues affecting S&T.  This group shall become a part of the Public Resource Ambassadors.
  4.  Study and recommend a program aimed at encouraging S&T supports to inform their employers or the general public of key legislative issues through the S&T Office of Public Relations.
  5. Confer with legislators on legislative matters affecting the University.
  6.  Encourage subcommittee members and friends to arrange visits with governmental officials (state legislators, members of congress, and state executive branch members) to become better acquainted with them and to discuss issues affecting the University and specifically S&T.
  7. Study and inform alumni of voting records of state legislators and members of congress.
  8. Study and inform committee members of administrative actions or rulings and court decisions affecting S&T.
  9. Develop a complete program of public relations, promotion, and publicity for presentation at the October meeting.
  10. Establish and maintain a good working relationship with the media.
  11.  Maintain a liaison with the department of public relations for S&T in developing and instituting long-range public relations programs.

Mission of this Subcommittee

The Student Recruiting and Retention Sub-Committee is responsible to the CAC AARR to assume the primary relationship to matters pertaining to recruiting admissions ambassadors and student retention by coordinating all matters related to recruitment and retention through the Office of Admissions.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Identify and recruit Admissions Ambassadors and send their names to the Office of Admissions. 
  2. Assist with the recruitment of students through interactions with the Office of Admissions and Admissions Ambassadors in their geographic areas.
  3. Maintain liaison and coordinate all activities related to recruitment with the S&T Office of Admissions.
  4. Assist in identifying areas that affect the retention of students through personal interactions.
  5. Establish liaison with and maintain a good working relationship with the S&T retention committee.

Chair: Eric Williams

Subcommittee Members: George Holmes, MT Strickland

Active Initiative: AUC Program

Want to be involved?

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